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  2. 📃 Fully Documented
  3. ⚙️ Custom Settings
  4. 💯 100/100 GScan Score
  5. 🎨 Automatic Color Shades
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Will this theme slow down my website's loading speed? We emphasize that our themes are built with performance in mind but acknowledge that content choices (image sizes, videos) factor into overall site speed.
Is this theme compatible with my Ghost version? We clearly state the compatible Ghost version range for each theme. Double-check this information before purchase to ensure compatibility.
Can I customize the theme after purchase? Yes! Most Ghost themes offer great customization through the Ghost editor and theme settings. You can often change colours, fonts, layouts, and more.
I have a specific feature in mind. Can this theme be modified to include it? We state the scope of our customization support. We might offer advice on simple modifications within reason or suggest that a Ghost developer may best serve complex changes.
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Cultivate a Chic Online Space: A Ghost Theme for Fashion, Celebrities and Beyond

Orchid is a stunningly elegant Ghost theme designed to elevate blogs focused on fashion, trends, design, lifestyle, and celebrity news. Its clean, sophisticated style, combined with powerful customization options, allows you to craft a website that seamlessly reflects your brand.


Orchid provides a beautifully designed but highly adaptable homepage. Choose the hero layout, featured post style, and content arrangement that perfectly reflects your blog's personality and goals.

Versatile Hero Section

  • Two-Column Layout: Grab attention with a visually engaging layout featuring a compelling call-to-action (CTA) alongside a striking cover image.
Two column layout of hero section
  • Headline Layout: Create a minimalist, focused impact by showcasing a powerful headline.
Headline only hero section
  • Center Column Layout: Deliver a balanced presentation with a cover image, followed by a clear CTA and subscription form for immediate engagement.
Single column hero section layout
  • Hide Hero Option: Maximize flexibility by choosing to completely hide the hero section when desired.
  • Grid Layout: Present your top three posts in an eye-catching grid, highlighting their visual appeal.
Grid layout of post cards
  • List Layout: Provide a classic, easy-to-read display of your featured posts.
List layout of post cards

Top Authors and Top Categories

  • Author Spotlight: Celebrate your most prolific contributors by showcasing the top 3 authors (based on post count).
Top Authors section
  • Category Showcase: Guide readers to your most popular topics with a display of the top 6 tags (based on post count).
Top Categories section

All Articles

  • Consistent Presentation: Maintain a cohesive look by displaying all articles in the grid or list style selected in your Ghost settings.

Subscribe Form CTA

  • Grow Your Audience: Place a prominent subscribe form at the end of your homepage to encourage newsletter sign-ups.
Subscribe Form

Blog Page

Orchid empowers you to customize your blog's presentation, ensuring a perfectly aligned reader experience. Choose the layout, navigation style, and content indicators that best suit your blogging vision.

Flexible Blog Card Layouts

  • Grid Layout: Highlight your posts with a visually appealing grid format, showcasing featured images for maximum impact. On larger screens, enjoy a spacious three-card-per-row presentation.
Grid Layout of post cards
  • List Layout: Opt for a streamlined, classic blog roll with a focus on titles and excerpts, ideal for text-heavy content.
List layout of post cards

Pagination Options

  • Infinite Load: Create a seamless browsing experience where new posts load automatically as the reader scrolls down.
Infinite Load Pagination
  • Paginated Pages: Offer traditional navigation with numbered page links for readers who prefer a more structured approach.
Paginated Pages

Clear Content Indicators

  • Featured Post Icon: Instantly identify your top content with a prominent star icon next to the featured post title.
  • Members-Only Icon: Designate exclusive content with a lock icon, encouraging membership subscriptions.
Icons for Featured/Members-only post in Post cards

Custom Pages

Author Page

  • Concise Author Profiles: Present your contributors in a clean list layout, providing essential information like name, bio, and featured image.
Automatic author into generation
  • Flexible Sorting: Allow readers to discover authors either alphabetically or by post count, offering multiple ways to explore your content.
Sort authors by name or number of posts

Tag Page

  • Focused Tag Display: Maintain a streamlined aesthetic with a minimalist tag listing, putting the emphasis squarely on your content categories.
  • Organized Exploration: Enable effortless navigation by allowing readers to sort tags alphabetically or by the number of associated posts.
Sort tags by name or number of posts

Archive Page

  • Structured Timeline: Provide a chronological overview of your content with a list-format archive, clearly organized by month or year.
  • Customizable Grouping: Let readers choose between monthly or yearly post groupings, catering to their browsing preferences.
Group archive page by Month or Year
  • Showcase Exclusive Content: Create dedicated pages to highlight both your members-only posts and top featured content.
Featured page showing only featured posts
  • Drive Engagement: Entice readers with previews of premium content and encourage subscriptions or feature post exploration.
Members only page