1. ✔️ Built for Ghost v5.0+
  2. 📃 Fully Documented
  3. ⚙️ Custom Settings
  4. 💯 100/100 GScan Score
  5. 🌈 Colorful Blog Cards
Do I need any coding experience to use your Ghost theme? No, most Ghost themes are designed to be user-friendly and don't require coding skills. You can typically customize them through the Ghost admin interface. If any code modifications are necessary, we provide detailed documentation, including videos.
Will this theme slow down my website's loading speed? We emphasize that our themes are built with performance in mind but acknowledge that content choices (image sizes, videos) factor into overall site speed.
Is this theme compatible with my Ghost version? We clearly state the compatible Ghost version range for each theme. Double-check this information before purchase to ensure compatibility.
Can I customize the theme after purchase? Yes! Most Ghost themes offer great customization through the Ghost editor and theme settings. You can often change colours, fonts, layouts, and more.
I have a specific feature in mind. Can this theme be modified to include it? We state the scope of our customization support. We might offer advice on simple modifications within reason or suggest that a Ghost developer may best serve complex changes.
Do you offer support for your themes? We provide limited support to resolve theme bugs and basic usage questions. Our support period and channels are outlined in the theme documentation.
Do themes get updates? We may release theme updates to fix bugs, add new features, or ensure compatibility with newer Ghost versions. You'll typically receive an email notification when an update is available. Instructions on downloading and applying updates are included in your theme's documentation.
Is the theme search engine optimized (SEO)? We build our themes with clean code and structure, contributing to good SEO. However, additional SEO optimization is up to you regarding your content and promotion strategies.
I'm on a tight budget. Do you offer any discounts or promotions? We might mention that we occasionally run sales or promotions. We encourage you to sign up for our email list to receive notifications.
Can I use the theme on multiple websites? Our theme licenses typically allow use on a single website. For multi-site use, you may need to buy a licence for each site.

Shamrock: A Burst of Color and Speed for Your Ghost Site

Tired of slow, clunky themes that stifle your blog's personality? Shamrock delivers lightning-fast performance and a vibrant aesthetic perfect for playful content.

Key Features

  • Zip and Zap Performance: Optimized code ensures your content loads with lightning speed, keeping readers engaged.
  • Pops of Personality: Colorful blog cards make your posts stand out, with the option to use a bold accent color for a clean, modern look.
  • Tag Dropdown: A sleek, eye-catching dropdown menu showcases all your tags, helping readers find exactly what they're looking for.
  • Dedicated Pages: Polished custom pages for authors, tags, and archives keep your blog organized and enhance the user experience.

Why Choose Shamrock?

  • Fun and Functional: The ideal balance of playful design and streamlined efficiency.
  • User Delight: Visitors will love the vibrant look and smooth navigation.
  • SEO Optimized: Fast loading improves search engine rankings.


Shamrock transforms your Ghost blog into a vibrant, lightning-fast reading experience!

  • Spotlight Your Best: Showcase a single featured post front and center.
  • Pops of Personality: Each blog post gets its own colorful card, based on your primary tag.
Colorful Post Cards
  • Keep 'em Scrolling: Infinite pagination means readers can easily discover more and more great content.
Infinite Load Pagination

Authors Page

Shamrock's Author page puts your fabulous writers in the spotlight!

  • Author Showcase: Features all your contributors in a clean, easy-to-browse list.
  • The Full Picture: Each author gets a dedicated card with their profile image, bio, and social media links.
Authors Page

Tags Page

Shamrock's Tags page makes it a breeze to discover content you love.

  • Tag Cards: All your tags are presented in neat, easy-to-scan cards.
  • Dive Deeper: View post counts for each tag and get a short tag description for extra context.
Tags Page

Archive Page

Shamrock's Archive page offers a streamlined journey through your blog's history.

  • All Posts, One Place: Every post is displayed in a clean list format for easy browsing.
  • Lightning-Fast Loading: Find that old favorite in a flash, thanks to optimized loading speeds.
Archive Page